Guide Energieeinsparpotential durch Gebäudeautomation in Wohngebäuden (German Edition)

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We represent 28 European manufacturers of products for home and building automation. KG zzPriva B.

Heating and Cooling Concepts employing environmental

ISH presents technologies and ways in which Europe can decrease its dependence on external energy supplies through the use of energy-efficient products and solutions combined with renewable energies. Thus, the great horizontal and vertical range of products on show at ISH covers all aspects of future-oriented building solutions. The exhibitors present a complete range of market-ready products and technology, which is unrivalled in terms of variety. Peter Hug Editorial eu.

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At the same time, ISH is the leading trade fair for energyefficient heating technologies combined with renewable energies and environmentally-friendly air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation technology as well as building automation and controls. Messe Frankfurt expects around 2, exhibitors from all around the world who will present their latest products and innovations on some , square metres of exhibition space. ISH Energy The ISH Energy section with building-services and energy, technology, renewable energies and cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation as well as building automation and controls technology is located in the western part of the Exhibition Centre, in Halls 8, 9, 10, 11 and the Galleria.

Also to be seen are concepts and solutions for modernization and new construction work, as well as for dwellings and non-residential premises. Yours sincerely, Dr.

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Peter Hug eu. Die ISH findet vom Die Messe Frankfurt erwartet rund 2. Insight 1.

Das LEICOM-Prinzip »Der 2% Investitionshebel für digitale Infrastrukturen und Gebäudeautomation«

KG Hall Herz Armaturen GmbH Hall KG Regulated class eu. This is an inherent issue because of the analog and mechanical nature of the installed systems. Presently there is one European standard that assists building owners to ensure that a new building being built, or an existing building being refurbished, will have the best available BACS technology to save energy.

However, there are no standards available which address the difficult challenges faced by building owners that ensure their buildings continue to perform as well as, if not better, than when they were first commissioned. BACS inspection and classification eu. The eu. It specifically provides certification of energy performance of BACS in buildings, at the first delivery and throughout its lifetime. Certification procedure for building automation systems The procedure for eu.

The first step is a self-declaration by the provider of BACS that a particular system is capable of delivering the functionality described in the Technical Recommendations 2. The second step is the certification of a BACS installation in a specific building. This is done by an authorized inspector who makes a site visit.

The third step is the periodic inspection of the BACS installation. This is to verify that the certified functionality is still available and working properly. According to the methodology of EN a checklist allows an auditor to inspect all performance relevant controls components and its weight in regard to space size, usage profile and effective implemented functionality. Building type determines e. The workflow is oriented according to the energy flow in the building. All control components are adding up an overall BACS rating according to their relevance e. The overall result is a normalized point value between 0 and As an approximate evaluation the calculation of an expected energy reduction after improvement is an estimation based on the efficiency factors out of EN in combination with a weighted calculation model.

The finally achievable reduction in the real environment may be different, for instance because of a different user profile, but this calculated value allows at least a rough estimation of the impact of the intended improvements. A KPI is being calculated either on an event base or at least every 15 Minutes compares data with set points and reference values while being stored once a day one value per day.

Opportunities The eu.

Kältetechnik, Klimatechnik, Refripro, Komponenten, Gesetze, Fachpresse, Branchenbuch

It helps them or their consultant to specify best practice energy saving measures to an extent that they are willing to pay for— i. With a eu. Ultimately, this allows the building owner to save money on energy and operational expenses and makes the building more productive, valuable and marketable. Additionally it provides visual evidence of the energy performance quality of the building control system in his building. Summary The eu. Ursache sind die analogen und mechanischen Eigenschaften der installierten Systeme. Diese Kalkulation technischen Empfehlungen beschrieben ist.

Mit einem eu.

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Dies geschieht nicht nur zu Beginn, sondern auch im Betrieb des Systems. Zusammenfassung Die eu. Its owners thus obtained an independent assessment of the possibilities and capabilities of their building automation. With new installations the audit gives the assurance that all functions have been correctly installed and put into service.

In the case of existing systems, ways of optimizing them are suggested and places where investments would have the greatest effect. This information is given transparently and system-independently on the basis of European standard EN More than 40 trained and accredited auditors are available. Building automation brings together all of the various technical services in a building and optimizes their interactions for energy-efficient operation.

Intelligent building automation is the interface between building management, technical systems and the users of buildings. Das eu. After graduating in HVAC engineering and accumulating practical experience in the design of technical building services and building operation in his homeland Romania, Andrei Litiu relocated to Brussels. In addition to running the secretariat for eu.

ESCO and eu. In addition, he will also intensify the partnership with initiatives of the European Commission — such as BuildUp, for example — for the benefit of the industries represented by eu. ESCO, eu. BuildUp — zum Nutzen der durch eu.


Energy-efficient building management thanks to Desigo CC and eu. It is the first system of its kind to support the integration, uniform visualization and central control of one or multiple disciplines such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and shading as well as security and fire safety. Modular and easy to adapt to changes in usage, Desigo CC offers maximum flexibility and a high degree of investment protection.

The user-friendly software and uniform visualization on all clients allow for easy, intuitive and error-free operation, even via remote access. Together with energy-saving applications compliant with European Standard EN and eu. Here you will find urbanity alongside green courtyards. Whether in shared or single rooms, the hostel distinguishes itself with unconventional ideas and a high level of comfort. It also aimed to break new ground in the building automation area. The main goal was to keep energy consumption as low as possible, and to achieve a high level of energy efficiency through intelligent controlling and consistent monitoring.

Its ability to interface with third-party systems and its consistent support of BACnet made it optimally suitable to combine all the hotel equipment systems, including the intelligent unitary control as well as the booking software into a single system. For example, a gas cogeneration unit CHP was installed, generating heat and electricity.

Using the SAUTER moduWeb Vision operation and visualisation software, the operators can monitor the interaction of the gas CHP, the gas heater and the hot water storage tank at all times on a tablet PC, with this web-based application. A room with a view of the future With every room booking, the booking software sends a report to the building management system.

The system switches the room from stand-by to occupancy at the appropriate time. In stand-by mode, the room temperature is constantly kept under the current setpoint.

This results in optimal configuration of the operating times for the ventilation and heating in every room. When the room is occupied, the guest can also use the presence button to manually adjust the operating mode of the SAUTER ecoUnit room control unit. A multicoloured LED indicator informs the guests about the local energy consumption, thus encouraging energy-conscious behaviour. Ziel ist, mit dem gewonnenen Strom den hauseigenen Stromverbrauch zu decken. Diese schaltet das Zimmer rechtzeitig von Stand-by auf Nutzung.

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Im Stand-by-Betrieb wird die Raumtemperatur konstant unter dem eingestellten Sollwert gehalten. The temperature control accuracy is outstanding according to EN They ensure a proper comfort in buildings, either automatically or manually. On top of the BMS, Schneider Electric developed a unique solution to measure occupancy in the office buildings; it enables to measure the level of occupancy of each room and area, to match the space distribution with its real usage. All the gathered data deliver insights to enhance the building performance and provide a wide range of services.

The certified products ensure compliance with specifications and standards EN and EN Ever since its design phase, the Majunga project has aimed to create a building that enables its occupants to significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Profil Vereine.

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